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What is lead qualification?

Once leads are generated, not all are immediately ready for a sales pitch. The qualification process helps filter and categorise leads based on their likelihood to convert:

  1. Information Qualified Lead (IQL): These are leads attracted by informational content. They might have downloaded an ebook or signed up for a webinar, indicating initial interest.
  2. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL): These leads have shown a deeper level of engagement, perhaps by downloading pricing information or reading multiple articles on your site. They’re warmed up but might not be ready for a direct sale.
  3. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL): These leads are ready for a direct sales approach. They’ve often taken actions indicating purchase intent, such as requesting a product demo or a sales call.
  4. Product Qualified Lead (PQL): These are leads who’ve used a product (typically through a trial) and have shown interest in becoming a paying customer.

The transition of a lead from one stage to another is nurtured through targeted content, personalised email campaigns, and timely follow-ups. The objective is to move the lead smoothly along the sales funnel, increasing the likelihood of conversion at each stage.

In essence, lead generation isn’t just about volume but about quality. It’s about attracting the right audience, engaging them with the right content and channels, and nurturing them to the point of conversion. In a competitive market, businesses must employ a combination of these techniques, tailor strategies to local nuances, and continuously adapt based on performance data and insights.

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